My Dancing Days

Year: 2001-2009

I used to be 8 years old when Mom took me to a dancing class of Gaudiya Nrittya. And thus began my 7 year long journey with the Indian Classical dance. Everything about it was so enchanting and interesting. From the MUDRAs to the basic BOLs. From the practice sessions to the workshops. From the costumes, the make up and the jewelries to the loud applauds of the audience after the show was done. From the certificates to the Scholarship admit card… everything was intriguing. I don’t know when I fell in love with it. I didn’t realize it  until I was admitted in Class XI, when taking out time to breathe seemed difficult. My Sir was quite sad and angry at me for leaving so early but I had no choice. I know, some of you will find this an excuse but take my word for it I spent countless nights crying myself to sleep. I left Dance but it never left me. somehow I always got connected to it. No, I wasn’t a part of my old Dance school again but I always used to be connected to Dance, some way or the other, even if it was remotely significant.

Year: 2013, Date: 15th April

I was in the second year of my graduation when I broke my heel bone, injured my ligament. I don’t want to go into the gory details of the incident but it was just one week before a show. At that time, a normal human being would think whether he/she would be fine or not, would be able to walk or not, given the condition my leg was in, but what I thought was will I be able to dance again or is it the end of my dancing? my leg was stitched and plastered  for one and a half month and when it was opened I couldn’t look at my leg. I was strictly prohibited to stress out my left leg. Was it the same leg, the same ankle around which I used to tie a ghoongroo and dance around? Was it the same leg that used to hit the ground with a loud noise with a BOL? I was shocked and heartbroken. The sound of the ghoongroo, the TAALs, the BOLs everything about it were echoing in my ears. For days I couldn’t sleep. Pain killers used to subdue the throbbing pain in my ligament but nothing could subdue my aching heart. Needless to say, it was actually the end of my dancing. 

Year: 2015

It was two weeks before Rabindra Jayanti. Our Ma’m at Nielit came to us with a request to perform something on this day. And thus began the rehearsals. I don’t know why but that same old urge, that passion, that love, that devotion again aroused in me after a long hibernation sleep. I am really thankful to my friends out there who decided to be with me in this. We decided to enact “Pujarini”, a small poem by Rabindranath to offer our respect. Little did I know that I would get make so many new friends on this ride and get to have so much fun with them. The rehearsals gave me that old feeling, that old happiness that my Dancing school gave me. I used to return home totally drained out and exhausted and with a injured throbbing ligament! but when I used to close my eyes and look back in the day, I used to feel that the pain is worth it! All the tiredness and the pain seemed minute in front of the immense happiness and bliss that I used to get. For that I’m really grateful to my friends for giving me so much happiness! And of course Nielit to give us that chance… 🙂

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